Client Reviews

A Rare Gem

I was truly fortunate to have Ms Rodriguez as a court appointed attorney for my son. Being in an uncomfortable situation Ms Rodriguez led us through the entire process with her gentle nature, calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge. She stayed in close contact with us, patiently explaining our options and interpreting the “legalese” ensuring that everything was crystal clear. I have had dealings with attorneys in the past whom i have retained and paid large sums of money for representation. There is no comparison. Ms Rodriguez has restored my faith that there are truly some attorneys out there who really do care. I will definitely retain her services should we need her in the future, and am completely confident recommending her to anyone in need of legal services in her area of expertise

- (5 star review)

An appreciative mother – a changed child

She showed great compassion for the struggles of a family dealing with the criminal charges against their child. Weighed the interests of the child and family to seek the best options for the child. Great advocate in working with the State to to ensure the outcome, perceived by me as horrible at the time, best aided my child in getting appropriate services. Her efforts resulted in my son obtaining his GED, a trade, preparation for a college and the self-confidence that he can succeed in any path he takes. She worked tirelessly with a crazed mother who was beside herself in dealing with the grief of her child’s situation. Not only did she show an immense professionalism in the court, she was human and compassionate in dealing with my emotions. I am so grateful that she crossed my child’s path and impacted the direction in which he was headed.

- (5 star review)

Great support and extensive knowledge

My experience was wonderful with Betty! She was knowledgeable, dependable and supportive through a very rough time in our family life. She listened to my concerns and addressed them in a timely manner. She was patient and kind to my son who can be difficult to handle sometimes. I couldn’t of asked for a better lawyer.

- (5 star review)